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About Us

pettrust is a companion animal medicine brand of Biocare corporation

BioCare Corporation was established in 1997 mastering in R&D, development, sales, and related OEM/ODM services of professional medical devices. We also have gained certifications for the quality of medical devices such as ISO13485 and GMP.

From human clinical to veterinary, pettrust is readily receiving recognition in the market. New Zealand Veterinary Journal had said, this device met the 2007 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine guidelines for measurement of BP. There was good agreement between the oscillometer and the invasive measurement of MAP.

And the pettrust’s Blood pressure monitor has been used for veterinary teaching courses and veterinary hospital surgery at many International professional veterinary universities.

Company Environment

Our Value


Improve the medical quality of pets and provide medical products that best meet clinical use.


Become the most trusted leading brand of companion animal medical products.

Why pettrust?

Our products are independently developed, designed and produced by the pettrust team. The team is constantly striving to improve the quality and diversity of products and to serve partners around the world with rich clinical experience.

We believe that only through clinical trials can ensure the accuracy of our products and give patients a safe and comfortable experience. At the same time, it can also provide the greatest help of veterinarians and become the most trusted partner of each other.

Our pettrust team is also actively promoting and promoting the concept of pet health, not only creating economic value but also driving the entire market together.