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1. How accurate are the pettrust’s blood pressure readings?

Applying oscillometric method to blood pressure measurement of dogs and cats is a very sophisticated science and art. Through years of clinical testing and system correction, the accuracy of blood pressure in dogs and cats has been optimized. At the same time, the ability of the cuff to detect pulse signals is improved for different dog breeds and clinical measurements.
1. pettrust has excellent accuracy in the case of anesthesia. Comparing pettrust with the world’s most accurate invasive blood pressure measurement, the pettrust values are very similar (see the figure below). On behalf of pettrust can fully present the true blood pressure status.

2. In the case of non-anesthesia, blood pressure can be affected by many external factors. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the tested dog and cat in a stable state through the appeasement in order to obtain a reliable blood pressure measurement value.

2. What is the blood pressure measurement system of the oscillometric method used by pettrust?

It is a way to detect blood pressure through the pulsation of the arterial wall.

When the airbag of the cuff is inflated to block the flow of blood, then the pressure is slowly released, and the small vibration of the airbag is detected through the pressure sensor during the process. It has been clinically proven that when the amplitude of the airbag pressure reaches a maximum, the corresponding pressure value is the mean arterial pressure(MAP). The mean arterial pressure is taken as the central point. According to the results of clinical data, the pressure value of the before 50% was calculated as systolic blood pressure(SYS); the pressure value of after 75% was calculated as diastolic blood pressure(DIA).

These blood pressure values are obtained through the precision pressure sensors used by pettrust and the high-precision AES (Accuracy Enhancer Systems) dedicated software to perform the calculations.

3. What is AES (Accuracy Enhancer Systems)?

AES (Accuracy Enhancer Systems) is a high-end technology that enhances the accuracy of blood pressure measurement.

For electronic medical instruments, to be able to measure physiological parameters, it is necessary to be able to capture physiological signals in the subject. However, the pet’s own blood vessels and organs are smaller than humans, and the physiological signals emitted are very subtle. It also contains a lot of noise, which affects the interpretation results of the machine.

In order to solve these problems, pettrust’s R&D team designed a system that can amplify the pet’s physiological signals and calculate the signal parameters through sophisticated engineering software. In clinical practice, pettrust has also collected a large number of data results through continuous experiments and tests to ensure that pettrust provides the most complete and true animal blood pressure values.

4. Why is pettrust a highly intelligent blood pressure monitor?

In order to provide a better experience for veterinarians, caregivers or other users, pettrust is based on extensive experience in clinical testing and provides a variety of contexts for surgical monitoring, ward care, outpatient diagnosis, and emergency treatment. Three different measurement modes :

A. Normal Mode – The most intuitive and convenient way to perform animal blood pressure measurement with one click without any settings.
Recommended usage scenarios – Any situation can be used.
B. Cycle Mode – The cycle interval can be set according to the user’s needs (one minute to two hours). pettrust will automatically perform periodic blood pressure measurement according to the set time. Users no longer need to press the button or make any settings.
Recommended usage scenarios – Surgery monitoring, ward care, can regularly monitor the physiological condition of animals.
C. Stat Mode – Immediate five-minute continuous blood pressure measurement。

5. Why is the size of the cuff selected so important for measurement?

Because dogs and cats have different breeds and sizes, the perimeter of the tested parts will also be different. According to clinical experiment, the selection of the correct size of cuff can effectively improve the accuracy of the measurement.
pettrust has designed seven sizes of cuffs for different breeds of dogs and cats, as well as tools that allow veterinarians to choose the size of the cuff – a exquisite ruler.

Therefore, the following steps are required before blood pressure measurement:
1. Select the most appropriate measurement location via the pettrust user manual instructions.
2. Select the most appropriate cuff size through the ruler.

6. How do I choose the correct cuff size?

Please use the ruler that comes with pettrust.
1. Tighten the ruler so that it fits snugly against the part being measured.
2. Tighten the ruler and color at the intersection with the hole represents the size of the cuff to be selected.

7. Why is it important to choose an appropriate location to measure blood pressure?

Because the distance between the measured position and heart is different, and the thickness of blood vessel is different, it will affect the intensity of pulse signal.
Therefore, finding the most suitable measurement position will directly affect the blood pressure value.

Usually, the best-tested position is fore limb, followed by hind limb, and tail is the most difficult position to measure.

(Note! it is not recommended to measure the hind legs of cats because the blood vessels are very thin)
(Note! When selecting the position to be tested, the
joint should be avoided.)

8. How long does the battery last?

The pettrust uses a rechargeable lithium battery that must be charged for eight hours for the first time.
After the full charge, at least 600 measurements can be made under normal conditions.
To maintain battery life, pettrust will automatically shut down after 30 minutes when not in use.

9. How do I know if pettrust needs charging?

There is an external AC indicator on the front panel of pettrust.
1. When the red light is on, it implies the battery power is too low. It is recommended to charge immediately.
2. When charging, the indicator will display orange light.
3. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will display green light.
4. When pettrust appears “BAT-LOW” and alarms, it indicates that the battery power is dangerously low. Please charge immediately.
5. Charging in the “BAT-LOW” status, the alarm will not stop until the battery returns to the safe range.
6. Please remember to charge pettrust regularly. “BAT-LOW” state usually shortens the life of battery.

10. Will pettrust be work on monkeys, birds, horses, cows, rabbits, snakes, etc?

The pettrust is exclusively designed for dogs and cats, and all clinical data is also for dogs and cats.
If used on other animals, the blood pressure values are totally not reliable.
However, if there is demand in the future, we will be committed to develop monitors for other animals used.

11. Can the blood pressure measured by pettrust be stored?

Of course, pettrust has a high-capacity memory that can store up to 999 measurement records, and the 1000th record will automatically cover the first record.
In addition, stored measurements can also be transferred to a PC for editing via USB Cable and Bluetooth.

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