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Routinely monitor pet’s blood pressure

BP Cuff

The pettrust BP cuff is specially designed for pets. Can be applied to every pettrust blood pressure monitor. Based on our clinical trial results over the years and continuous improvement, pettrust BP cuff provides the most accurate blood pressure measurement results.

For the different breeds and sizes of pets, we have designed seven cuff sizes. Whether it’s the smaller Scottish Fold or the large Dalmatian, the pettrust BP cuff provides the most accurate blood pressure measurement.

BP carry-on bag

To make medical diagnostics more convenient, the pettrust team has designed a black bag that can hold pettrust machines and various sizes of BP Cuff.
Let you take it with you wherever you go.

BP Measuring Ruler

To make it easier for veterinarians to identify Cuff sizes, the pettrust team has carefully designed the pettrust BP cuff with seven colors, corresponding to seven different sizes.

Therefore, we have also prepared a beautiful measuring rule that allows the veterinarian to quickly select the correct cuff size when measuring blood pressure.