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pettrust NIBP

pettrust is medical grade automatic veterinary blood pressure monitor for dogs and cats. pettrust uses the design core of AES (Accuracy Enhancer Systems) to provide the most accurate data for pet blood pressure measurement. In addition, pettrust also optimize the user experience through various measurement modes, which is an important partner for veterinarians in animal clinics, surgery, wards, and chronic care. There are also considerable benefits for the tracking of hypertensive diseases (high blood pressure) in dogs and cats.

When veterinaries use pettrust to measure dog & cats’ blood pressure, do not complicated work required, do not need to shave or apply gel on pets. Simple and fast blood pressure measurement only need to use a special blood pressure cuff for dog and cat by pettrust-designed.



AES (Accuracy Enhancer Systems) high intelligent precision enhancement system.

simple Operation:

Intuitive button selection provides you with the most friendly operation interface.


The portable design allows you to measure in a hand-held manner and take it wherever you go.

High Efficiency:

A measurement can be completed in an average of 40 seconds, and multiple data can be obtained in a few minutes.

Continuous Measurement:

The automatic measurement interval can be set according to user requirements, making monitoring simple.


Large-capacity memory that can store up to 999 data.

Rechargeable Battery:

Large amount of electricity, fully charged, can perform more than 600 blood pressure measurements.

Cuff Design:

For the different breeds and sizes of pets, provided seven cuff sizes.

Clinical Evidence

Test Equipment :

pettrust NIBP & Invasive Blood Pressure

Comment :

pettrust NIBP can get very closed measurement value with invasive blood pressure

Evaluation of an indirect oscillometric blood pressure monitor in anesthetized dogs at three different anatomical locations
To evaluate the agreement between invasive and non-invasive measurements of blood pressure (BP) using an oscillometer (PetTrust).

pettrust met the 2007 American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine guidelines for measurement of BP on the thoracic limb. There was good agreement between the oscillometer and invasive measurement of MAP at all locations.


Parameters :

Systolic Pressure, Diastolic Pressure, Mean Arterial Pressure, Heart Rate

Average Measurement Time:

<40 seconds

Measurement range:


Resolution & Accuracy :

Resolution: 1 mmHg; Accuracy: +-3 mmHg or +- 2 % of reading, whichever is greater

Measurement cycle:

10 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, 90 minutes, 2 hours

Data Storage :

999 measurements

Supply Voltage (Recharge) :

100~240VAC, 47/62Hz, full power needs 7~8 hours

Battery Specification :

Lithium battery; More than 600 measurements

Weight & Dimension :

475g with battery; 190 mm (L) x 90 mm (W) x 50 mm (H)


We believe that pettrust can be a good helper for every veterinary and pet owner, providing the best service and care.