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Routinely monitor pet’s blood pressure

pettrust ONE

pettrust ONE is a multi-parameter physiological monitor for dogs and cats. It combines pettrust NIBP’s trusted BP measurement technology with pulse oximetry and electrocardiography.

pettrust ONE provides a highly accurate measurement system specially designed for dogs and cats, as well as a fully automatic continuous monitoring function. It can monitor dogs’ and cats’ physiological parameters for a long time before, during and after surgery.

pettrust ONE’s lightweight design gives veterinarians more flexibility in every room in the hospital. The user-friendly design of the user interface also improves the work efficiency of the veterinarian.



High-precision measurement system

AES (Accuracy Enhancer Systems)

Three physiological parameters



The portable design allows you pick it up and go, shuttle in the operating room and wards.

Rechargeable Battery

Built in lithium battery, ready for handle various situations.

Accurate result

Keep pettrust NIBP advantage to provide high reliability measurement result.

More friendly

Intuitive interface operate by 7 inch full color touch panel.

More completely 

Multi-parameters info can let you easy to know patient situation in surgery.

  • Hospitalization/Ward monitoring
  • Monitor physiological parameters during various surgeries
  • Postoperative recovery monitoring
  • Outpatient/Health examination
  • Cardiovascular disease tracking

What pettrust ONE can do?



200H x180 W x 190 D (mm)


1.7 Kg (including battery)

Input power

100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz


:Li-ion Battery (DC 7.4V, 4600mAh)

Operating time

4 hours

Charging time

at least 5 hours

Blood pressure

Measuring range 0 ~ 300 mmHg

Systolic range

60-250 mmHg

Diastolic range

30-180 mmHg

Mean arterial pressure range

40-210 mmHg

Maximum pressure

300 mmHg


± 3mmHg

Cardiac range

30 ~ 240 beats / min

SpO2Speculative range

35% ~ 100%

SpO2 guess accuracy

70% to 79% ± 3%, 80% to 100% ± 2%

ECGVertical scale

5, 10 mm / mV

Scanning speed

25 or 50 mm / sec (Selectable for Print out only)


300 samples / sec (with 12bitADC)

Trigger method

3-lead electrode type

Dynamic Range

± 6.6 mV with Gain = 250 (5 mm / mV)
± 3.3 mV with Gain = 500 (10 mm / mV)
± 1.65 mV with Gain = 1000 (20 mm / mV)
ECG complies with IEC 60601-2-27 regulations


We believe that pettrust can be a good helper for every veterinary and pet owner, providing the best service and care