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pettrust Lice Comb

Do your pet suffer from parasites such as fleas and lice?

Do you worried about the burden on your pet’s kidneys with traditional deworming drugs?

Do you use a variety of drug-containing insect repellent shampoos but have no effect?

Introduce you a safe, completely side-effect-free, risk-free deworming helper – pettrust Lice Comb


  • Extinguish lice and nit efficiently
  • Low power output and has no effect on pets and human bodies
  • Easy to carry design that can be used anywhere
  • Various styles and colors to choose from
  • LED light and buzzer indicator
  • Auto power-off
  • Cleaning brush is embedded

What pettrust Lice Comb can do for you?

  • Please try to keep your pet’s hair dry during use.
  • You can remove lice while combing your pet’s hair at home.
  • You can use it after the outdoor activity to remove lice and prevent them from spreading to other pets in your home.
  • Cultivate better emotions with your pet through the process of combing and removing lice.


Battery Type

AAA Battery x 2




We believe that pettrust can be a good helper for every veterinary and pet owner, providing the best service and care.