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pettrust Professional Veterinary Laser IV

pettrust Professional Veterinary Class 4 laser is a fourth-level laser therapy device which can be used on pet’s trauma, orthopedic diseases and dental problems. In addition, it also can be used for surgery.

pettrust Professional Veterinary Laser IV use 650nm, 810nm and 980 nm wavelength and also high frequency output which can quickly and effectively manage pain, eliminate inflammation and swelling, and stimulate cells to accelerate the production of ATP, so that cells get more nutrients to achieve self-repair of body tissues.

Build-in treatment protocol allows vets easily follow the steps and options to complete each treatment.


Multiple wavelength

 Use 650, 810 and 980nm wavelength to increase the repair effect 

Fast and effective

High frequency output let you to see superior efficacy in a short time

Stimulate cell repair

Use power wave and continuous wave to enhance cell stimualtion

Portable design

Build-in lithium battery which can be used continuously for 2 hours

Easy to use

Build-in over 1,000 type treatment protocol

Intuitive design

Let all information be clear at a glance by 7 inch touch panel

Multiple type probe

Multiple type allow you to use for different situation

Stable output

Let output power stable and continuous by fiber and solid-state diodes




  • Laser therapy can be used for many clinical applications, such as pain management, wound healing, stimulating metabolism, skin treatment, Oral and dental treatment, etc.



 650nm, 810nm & 980nm

Maximum power



 7 inch HD touch panel

Cooling method


Fiber connection

Standard SMA905 connector with three tips

Supply voltage

18VDC 5A

Battery specification

3350mAh; 8 hours for standby

Data storage

5000 Hz

Environmental temperature





3.5kg (Include lithium battery)


We believe that pettrust can be a good helper for every veterinary and pet owner, providing the best service and care.